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Windel’s project pipeline is driven by the strength of our development team, who work closely with specialist planners, engineers, grid consultants and lawyers, following a disciplined and targeted approach to site control. We actively filter for development opportunities that minimize or eliminate environmental and planning issues and have strong, low-cost interconnection options. Significant development funds are invested early in the process for successful risk management.

We thoroughly screen projects for potential flaws that would impede a project’s successful completion, managing issues before they arise. In addition to our development expertise, our success comes from a true commitment to community values. We recognize our projects have a long-term presence in the communities where they are developed, and we seek to foster strong community partnerships to deliver long-term improvements with a lasting, positive impact.



Solar energy is free, abundant and unlimited. Windel have been developing large-scale solar projects since 2018, focusing on making solar generation accessible, affordable and responsive to the needs of our clients and communities in which they operate. We are focussed on delivering our  current pipeline of over 1.5GW and driven to increase this further. Together, with our funding partner, we are reimagining energy and providing sustainable options to communities, paving the way for the UK to reach its target of net-zero by 2050.

We work closely with landowners, giving them the opportunity to diversify their income stream by leasing their land for solar development. Windel welcomes the opportunity to work with those who are interested and exploring the benefits of developing renewable energy partnerships.


Battery Energy Storage Systems

The first lithium-ion batteries were used in electronic goods that we are all familiar with. Following their success and proven reliability, engineers have developed larger scale cells for use in energy storage systems. When there is an excess supply of electricity being generated from our solar panels, batteries are used to store this power and discharge it to the national grid in times of excess demand. Our battery storage sites will allow for the UK grid to respond to the fluctuations in demand for electricity in less than 0.5 seconds, allowing for the more efficient and productive use of energy.

Windel have over 3GW of BESS sites with grid connection agreements that are being actively developed ranging from 150MW to 440MW.


Wind Energy

A large number of wind turbines, known as a wind farm, can be grouped together to generate electricity on a large scale. We focus on onshore wind farms, as an already established source of renewable power, producing most of the energy of all renewable sources. As the windiest country in Europe, the opportunity is there to work closely with interested landowners to transition the UK to a net zero future.

Windel have been conducting early-stage development activities for Wind projects and have an initial pipeline of circa 150MW of suitable sites. Once an agreement can be reached with a development funder, we will look to take this to over 250GW within an 18-month time period.


Green Hydrogen

Decarbonising the global economy is one of the biggest challenges we currently face. Key to meeting this challenge is to continuously expand on renewable energy sources and integrate them within existing infrastructure. There is a major growth in the interest of green hydrogen amongst energy firms, as hydrogen is the most common element we have and needs to be produced using renewable sources. Green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy and electrolysis to split water, separating the hydrogen from the oxygen.

Windel have a new 50/50 joint venture that has completed FEED for Green Hydrogen Production, we are currently applying for Grant Funding with Innovate UK for proof of concept to commercialisation. The production takes two forms:

  • Light Commercial – for commercial premises and vehicles.
  • Heavy Industrial – combining 5-20MW solar PV with hydrogen production plants.

Windel are securing sites for 5-20MW plants at key distribution locations for off-takers.