Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week with Team Bonding and Wellbeing Activities

by Jamie Knott
06th Jun 2024

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Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week with Team Bonding and Wellbeing Activities

May brought with it Mental Health Awareness Week (13th to 19th of May), a timely reminder of the critical importance of taking moments to de-stress and focus on our wellbeing. In the hustle and bustle of our demanding work environment, it’s easy to overlook the value of downtime and the positive impact it can have on our mental health. 

To support this, our team decided to embrace an opportunity for some much-needed relaxation and bonding outside the office. One of our own, Madeleine Archbold, organized a group gym session for us all to participate in. Now, let’s be honest, nobody would have admitted during the class that they were enjoying themselves. The sweat, the panting, and the occasional groans were testament to the intensity of the workout. But, once the session wrapped up and we were able to catch our breath, everyone agreed it was a fantastic experience. 

The workout was challenging, but it brought a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. Exercising together helped us break down barriers, foster teamwork, and encourage each other in ways we hadn’t before. It was a reminder that physical activity can be a powerful tool in managing stress and improving mental health. 

However, the real highlight, and perhaps the secret ingredient to our positive reflection on the gym session, was the delicious meal that followed. Thanks to Madeleine’s excellent choice of restaurant, we were able to sit down together, share a meal, and unwind. The conversation flowed easily as we enjoyed good food and great company, reinforcing the importance of social connections in maintaining our mental health. 

The combination of physical activity and social interaction proved to be a winning formula for our team’s wellbeing. It was a reminder that taking time to connect outside of the work environment can rejuvenate our spirits and enhance our productivity and happiness at work. 

A big thank you to Madeleine Archbold for organising such a fantastic event. We are already looking forward to the next team outing. Let’s continue to find creative ways to prioritize our mental health and support one another, not just during Mental Health Awareness Week, but every week. 

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